Environmental Improvements

15.1 Banstead Village is an attractive and distinctive shopping centre, retaining a domestic scale and containing a considerable amount of residential use above the shops. Village elements such as roadside verges, trees and the spacious setting of All Saints Church provide Banstead with the unique character enjoyed by its residents. Nevertheless, there are areas which would benefit from small scale environmental improvements. The appearance of the existing public car park to the south of the High Street is featureless in contrast to the setting of the adjacent Church.

Policy Bn 1

The Borough Council will undertake enhancement schemes within Banstead Village as and when resources permit and will encourage other organisations and agencies to co-operate in this process. Priority will be given to a planting scheme within the High Street car park.


(1) Some soft landscaping within the car park would reduce its stark appearance and a scheme to plant appropriately sited trees and shrubs will be undertaken by the Borough Council to provide visual interest with minimum reduction in car parking spaces.

Parking Provision

15. 2 Banstead Village High Street is immediately adjoined to the north and parts of the south by residential areas. The relative buoyancy of the shopping area, the increasing use of cars for shopping trips, and the location of Banstead's car parks have meant that in recent years the amount of shopper parking in the High Street and in residential areas has been on the increase, and generally represents one of the major environmental problems apparent within the centre.

Policy Bn 2

The Borough Council will keep under review the parking situation in the vicinity of High Street, Banstead, and will seek to enhance public provision when resources permit.


(1) The move of the Waitrose supermarket to a new location on the south side of the High Street has resulted in a better distribution of shopper parking and has increased total provision. However, in view of the growth in car usage and Banstead's changing situation, careful monitoring will be necessary to determine whether additional provision needs to be made.


3-17 and 27 High Street, Banstead

15. 3 Policy Bn 3 deleted (2005) as development completed.

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