Preparing the Borough Local Plan

1.1 The Borough Local Plan 1994 was adopted in July 1994. Part of this Plan was reviewed and first published as the First Alteration in 1998. It focused on the strategic housing allocation at Horley and the associated need for infrastructure, services etc. (often known as the “Horley Master Plan”). Other boroughwide issues were also considered and some new policies introduced and others were updated or amended, including nature conservation, the Metropolitan Green Belt (but not the boundary), housing, employment and retailing.

1.2 The First Alteration, comprising the Revised Deposit Draft 2000 incorporating the Proposed Modifications 2004, was adopted in April 2005. This has been combined with the unaltered parts of the 1994 Plan. Together these form the Borough Local Plan 2005 but the altered policies continue to be distinguished from the unaltered policies in the text. This document has been subject to minor factual updating to 2005 and sites that have been developed have been noted accordingly. Other editorial changes, which do not materially affect the content of the proposals, have also been included.

Detailed Background to Preparation

1.3 The Borough Local Plan 1994 was prepared to conform with the Surrey Structure Plan 1989. Following a Public Inquiry into objections to the Deposit Draft in 1992, the Inspector’s Report did not recommend any significant changes. This was considered by the Council in 1993 and the Plan was eventually adopted on 21 July 1994.

1.4 The First Alteration was prepared to conform with the Surrey Structure Plan 1994. Work began in 1995, with the Consultation Draft published in 1998 and the Initial Deposit Draft in 2000, followed by the Revised Deposit Draft later in 2000. A Public Inquiry into objections to the Revised Deposit Draft was held in early 2001. The Inspector’s Report in 2001 supported the principles of the Horley Master Plan and of the two main housing allocations in Horley. However, the Inspector recommended carrying out further work on the flooding and transport models, before the allocations could be confirmed. He also supported the boroughwide policy changes and recommended a separate density policy.

1.5 Further studies were completed and independently evaluated and the Proposed Modifications were placed on deposit in 2004. Full Council on 17 February 2005 resolved to adopt the First Alteration without any further modifications. Following publication of the Notice of Intention to Adopt, the First Alteration was adopted and came into operation on 7 April 2005, when the Notice of Adoption was published.

Area and Timescale of the Plan

1.6 This Local Plan applies to the whole of the administrative area of the Borough of Reigate & Banstead. The 1994 Plan was expected to cover the period to 31 March 2001, the same date as the Surrey Structure Plan 1989. It contained a number of time limited policies e.g. dealing with housing provision, but the majority of other policies have remained relevant. The partial review addressed changes in circumstances and in national planning guidance and in the Surrey Structure Plan 1994. The First Alteration addressed the housing provision issues arising from the strategic housing allocation to Horley, but dropped the 2006 phasing date, and addressed provision in the rest of the Borough to 2006.

The New Planning System

1.7 The Government has introduced new legislation, the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, that requires the Council to replace its existing Local Plan with a new style development plan called a Local Development Framework (LDF). Under transitional arrangements, the Local Plan documents produced under the old development plan system are saved for at least three years (from the commencemnt of the Act or from their date of adoption), and will continue to form the current basis for making planning decisions. The saved policies will be replaced incrementally as new documents within the LDF are progressed.

1.8 A rolling project plan, setting out which LDF documents will be produced and the timetable for producing them, is set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). The first Reigate & Banstead LDS was approved by the Government Office for the South East (GOSE) and brought into effect on 26 May 2005. The Reigate & Banstead LDS can be viewed online at: Under the transitional arrangements the unaltered parts of the 1994 plan will be saved until at least 27 September 2007. The First Alteration policies will be saved until at least 6 April 2008. The approval of GOSE will be sought to retain the majority of locally significant policies for a further period.


Written Statement

1.9 The Written Statement sets out, in words, the land use proposals and policies applying to either specific parts or all of the Local Plan area. The actual policies are identified by bold type and policy letters and numbers for unique identification. Each policy from the 1994 plan is preceded by its basic intentions, the need for and the reasoning behind the policy. Those new and altered policies from the First Alteration are preceded by a similar introduction and the purpose for the policy. Immediately below the policy in each case is an “amplification” in italics giving advice on how to interpret the policy or how it may work in practice.

1.10 In this combined version the First Alteration policies are distinguished by blue text. The derivation of the altered policies is included as Appendix 1, which shows the relationship of policies in the Alteration to those in the 1994 Local Plan. Where policies have been deleted, all other policies retain their existing numbers for continuity.

1.11 The Planning Strategy sets out the overall approach to land use planning within the Borough. It acknowledges the emphasis placed on environmental issues before summarising the approach taken to each of the principal activities, the reasons for levels of provision and the relationship between certain key policies. Each section concludes with stated objectives.

1.12 Many of the policies within Chapter 3, dealing with the Protection of Existing Character already operated, for example, in respect of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings. Given the quality of the environment within this Borough, the protection and enhancement of these features, both rural and urban, has been given added emphasis. Besides clearly identifying these environmental assets, the policies both provide for their continued protection and enable positive improvement to take place.

1.13 Chapters 4 to 11 set out guidance for development. Their basic aim is to ensure that the changes taking place both conform to the overall policy framework and provide an acceptable form of development, respecting the character of the area and the amenities enjoyed by local residents. They deal with specific activities - countryside, housing, employment, shopping, recreation, community services, utilities and movement. Each includes design and layout criteria and sets out the new provision to be made either by way of specific proposals or general policies, which indicate the Borough Council's attitude towards new development within that particular activity. Other policies may be concerned with the retention of existing land and buildings, redevelopment, change of use, improvements, etc.

1.14 The Inset Area chapters 12 and 13 set out detailed proposals for redevelopment schemes and environmental improvements within Redhill and Reigate Town Centres. Chapter 14 contains the policies and proposals for the strategic housing allocation at Horley, known as the Horley Master Plan, together with those for Horley Town Centre Inset Area. Chapter 15 covers Banstead Village Inset Area.

1.15 A Glossary explaining the meaning of the technical terms used in the Local Plan is included, together with Appendices setting out background information and planning standards. Details of the various heritage and conservation sites have been published separately.

Proposals Map

1.16 The Proposals Map is a graphical representation on an Ordnance Survey base of the specific land use proposals and policy areas set out in the Written Statement. The Proposals

Map is made up of four sheets, which are

North Sheet -

Banstead/Tadworth area (1:10,000 scale)

Central Sheet -

Reigate/Redhill area (1:10,000 scale)

South Sheet -

Horley area (1:10,000 scale)

Inset Areas -

Four Inset Maps (1:2,500 scale)
- Redhill, Reigate, Horley Town Centres
and Banstead Village.

The Inset Maps do not form separate plans but are areas of the Proposals Map which, because of the number of different policies applying, require a larger scale map for ease of identification.

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